Monday, September 10, 2007

Fiber in Dallas

Look at this crowd!
All those folks flocked to the opening of the TVAA (Texas Visual Arts Association) September show "Fiber in Art" at the Plaza of the Americas. Jeff and the kids and I enjoyed being there. We got to see a few pieces that are missing off the walls of our home including "long skinny." Also known as Four Layered Lily, which had a lovely place of honor just through the door to the back room. You can see it in the back behind the woman in the tan.And here is "long skinny" again with some lovely complimentary pieces. Don't they all look great together? Flo Berry did an amazing job curating and hanging the show. The wonky piece next to "long skinny" is also mine. It's called Shore Lines and has sea shells and lots of beads sewn on the surface.

Mossy Shadows was created using the same improvisational piecing technique and is embellished with stones. I think the charming figures on the podium are by Sandi Wheeler.

I'm so drawn to the idea of three dimensional fiber art lately -- so these figures and the stuffed teapot that Sandi did were very inspiring to me.
I'll be sitting this show on Wednesday from 10 to 4 so I'll have lots more time to study all the work. I'll also bring a sack of magazines and some hand embroidery. Of course... if you're in the area stop by!

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momma helen said...

Wow! Until I saw a person next to Long Skinny, I didn't realize how long it really was. Impressive!

And seeing your photos of this show makes me yearn for a local fiber art guild. I need personal interaction with other artists to get my juices flowing and to keep creating.

Beautiful Stuff!!!