Saturday, April 07, 2007


I just uploaded pictures for about five posts -- so eventually I'll add some words and other thoughtful comments and post them. But for now, I'm off to wrangle the family and find something to do. I guess we won't be going hiking since it's only 37 degrees. (Seriously. I'd rather have snow.)

Edited to Add:
Oh my gosh! Be careful what you ask for. Yes... this is snow in Dallas on April 7!

You can barely see it, but those white flecks are snow. And you can see that Claire has two sweaters on. (Layering is very "in" right now.)


Sue Seibert said...

Love the photo! Wasn't it a trip to have snow yesterday...I can't remember a thing like that! Love your photos of spring break, as well.

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

You are part of the wierd weather syndrome. Thankfully, we are having normal sunbreaks and showers.