Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A few more quilt show pictures

I didn't really take many pictures, but I'll show you just a couple and direct you to a few more.

You can see most of the winners here. The Best of Show was Rachel Wetzler's 24/7, which I believe hung in Houston and I think I even saw it at the World Quilt Expo in Manchester. It's a masterpiece, to be sure.

I was delighted to run into Kathy York in the parking lot after dropping off my quilts. She drove all the way from Austin --with her kids! -- to enter three quilts. We met in Houston in November. We had a brief chat and introduced all our charming children to each other. Her drive paid off since she won first place in large pieced with her brilliant quilt, Little Cities, which you certainly remember from Houston if you were there. She also won a Judge's Choice and a Honorable Mention for the delightful Synchronized Swimming. (Surely we'll see this in Houston this year.) Here's a glimpse, though the pictures on her blog are much better.

She also won a ribbon in the Group Division -- I can't remember the title. Here is some more big news about Kathy York (and others). Congratulations, Kathy!

This quilt by Sara Moe reminds me of the very innovative work that Sonji does -- the holes, the curves, the movement, the 3D elements! Exciting.
I was impressed by Modern Warrior (follow the link and scroll down to the second place ribbon) by Rebecca Roach. It's a Hawaiian style applique inspired by images of Afganistan: poppies, grenades, guns. It's made mostly of vinyl -- yes! Plastic! You can't really tell from the picture, but you can see it's quite reflective. The batting looked to be regular batting and I think it was hand quilted. Can you image? Through vinyl?! I am not usually drawn to political or statement quilts, but I thought it was quite notable that the quilt was awarded a second place ribbon in what is mostly a very traditional show.

And for one more bit of inspiration totally unrelated to the quilt show: check this out. Obviously, I need more shelves and more books.


Sonji Hunt said...

Oh, yes. I dig the Sarah Moe quilt. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the books - I have always wanted to do that!