Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dallas Quilt Show

I'm going to the Dallas Quilt Show today -- just like I did last St. Patrick's Day! Actually I went to the "preview" on Thursday night and it was delightful. I am eager to go back so I can really soak up all the quilts (and do some shopping) and see some more friends!

I'll tease you with pictures of my four quilts and show you some of the superfantasticness from other artists later in the week.

This is Patina of Radiance. It's about 9 x 12 and is in the "miniature" catagory. That means it is hanging with those insanely tiny quilts with pineapple stars and less than a quarter inch finished pieces. Variety is good.

Here is my long skinny! It's called Four Layered Lily. I was stunned to find that I like it more than I thought I did. It looks really great all hung up. Whuddathunk?! There are six long skinnies haning all together and they really make an impact. Very cool. I'll post more pictures soon.

This is Encrusted Cairn. (This is the one that was published in Quilting Arts.) That blue ribbon means nothing. Just something on which to pin the info sheet.

And this is Anthony Avenue. I made this when we lived in Maine. It's a bird's eye view of our Maine neighborhood.
It used to be embellished with lots of obnoxious fabric beads and rocks. I did some quilt surgery and removed them after we moved. So much cleaner now and I still love the design.
I didn't win any ribbons and didn't expect to. (The winners are mavelous. I'll report on them later.) But, when I was there on Thursday, I was struck by how much I like my quilts. They are just me and exactly what they should be for when and why I made them. I love many of the winners too and several of those that did not "win." Of course, I'm not to first person to discover that it's good to "do what you love."


Anonymous said...

WOW - 4 in the show - wonderful! I remember pictures from last year in the "flood"! Glad the weather is perfect this year.

Anonymous said...

I love long, skinny, green. I look forward to seeing them all together. How great to go to a show and see four of your quilts hanging there. Whee!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Deborah: your quilts look great! And I don't think I ever saw the original Anthony Avenue!!!!

Can you believe you've been in Texas long enough for this to be your *second* show???? WOW!

We miss you! We'll try to call tomorrow from kathy's, and wish you could be there too! You will be in spirit,
Hugs, Sarah

Sonji Hunt said...

I lovelovelove Encrusted Cairns! No wonder you haven't been writing are too busy being FABULOUS!