Monday, March 12, 2007

DAFA Goodies

I hit the jackpot at the Dallas Area Fiber Artists meeting last week. (Or was it the week before?)

Delicious, springy, bright bundle of fat quarters designed by DAFA member Sara Moe. You can see her fabulous designs here. And several home dec sample pieces. I chose some wonderful pieces with leafy graphics and that orangey stripe on the right. The woman who brought the home dec samples has made connections with several businesses who give her stuff. They benefit when she takes away the stuff they don't want and she (and us!) benefit with interesting and inspiring supplies. Genius! Who needs to shop at Joann's?!

Not that I'm actually doing anything with this fabric at the moment. (Though I'm simmering ideas.)

I'm swamped with my desktop publishing job -- while trying to entertain Benjamin since it's his spring break.

I did manage to FINISH my first New York Times crossword puzzle since I watched the wonderful documentary, Wordplay. Of course, it's a Monday puzzle, the easiest of the week. But I did it!

I'm also distracted by the wonderful weather. We're taking long walks later in the day since it's still light. We even ate dinner on the patio tonight. So good.

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Shelina said...

That is a pretty set of fat quarters. The decorator's fabrics are great too, and getting them free is a bonus. I would love to hook up with someone who could get them to me for free. But then that would mean I would have to make more pieces to use them up. Very nice of your friend to share.