Monday, January 22, 2007

A great day.

I had such a super birthday... really just a blessing filled with so many perfect moments. Thanks to all of your who sent birthday wishes.

I started off the day with a homemade cappaccino right on the stove top. The only thing I love more is making a second cappaccino to share with a friend.

Then I went off for some 37 year old alone time. I stopped at Michaels to pick up some felt on which to mount those small collage pieces. I also went to Borders where I had a cup of potato soup. Yum! And browsed through the new issue of Craft.

It's a fun little magazine. It's totally riding the current wave of new crafty, sewing, do-it-yourself, recycling hipsters. The cover price is outrageous: $14.95, I think. That feels like the price for a book, but not a magazine. Anyway, the subscription price is about $35. So, obviously, if you're going to buy more than one issue at the bookstore, you MUST subscribe. Maybe I will.

Jeff and the kids took me out for lunch at Chili's. We all love the molten lava cake -- with four spoons! Then we went to see Happily N'ever After. It was very cute. Clever, funny and beautifully styled. (Lots of quilty images and patterns.) And who doesn't like a princess with brown hair in a short sassy cut?!

Jeff and I had a blast at the neighborhood party. The food was pretty good. I especially liked the little spinach pockets in the puff pastry. The desserts were not spectacular. Just chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Of course, I had the molten lava cake earlier.

I indulged in my first ever Cosmopolitan. Hmmm. Now I know what it's so popular and trendy. Or maybe it's not popular and trendy anymore. I'm always behind the times.

Jeff looked so handsome! I was especially loving the purple tie and the blue shirt. Having lived here for less than a year, we were delighted to feel like we "knew" so many people at the party. We've got nice pockets of friends from school, work and neighborhood connections and everyone seemed to have a good time.

I got some wonderful birthday gifts too. Jeff and the kids ordered an Artgirlz Extravaganza for me. Seriously, it's actually called the "extravaganza." It was a superfantastic box filled with charms, felt, paper, blank books, rubber stamps, collage elements and all kinds of inspirational goodness. So fun!

And my sister sent me a mat cutter, which was so thoughtful! Remember when I posted about what a bad job I do cutting mats? I haven't tried it yet, but surely it will be an improvement.

A great day!


Anonymous said...

You look mahvelous - both of you. Sounds like a super fantastic day.

Kim Carney said...

it sounds so much fun! You both look so purty ;)

Anonymous said...

What's yummier, the molten lava cake or you two "all gussied up" as my mom would say.?

Really, you look fabulous!

I'm jealous of the Artgirlz box and I hope we get to see some fun things come from it.

dee said...

You two look so gorgeous..Happy Birthday dear girl...

Jules said...

The Extravaganza sounds delightful. You all look great. I am going to order your book for my kids to give me for my 37th birthday next month.

Lisa said...

Just noticed your Clustrmap! Very cool! I guess you can say you are known world wide!!

Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like you had a super nice day!

kathy said...

you look beautiful! And so grown up with your little flip!!!

Anonymous said...

Always the ultra stylish couple. You both look wonderful. I'm always confused come women can wear sleeveless stuff and men have to wear double layers of arm coverings (shirt and jacket)? I'm just asking. I've never understood it. Of course, my arms are too fat to be uncovered in a cute little dress, so my husband and I have equally covered arms. I'm all about equality.STAY CUTE.