Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What's Your Wish?

Can you spare a scrap of fabric? I knew you could! And you will certainly want to for this special event:

My friend Hannah and her husband will soon make a trip to China to bring home their daughter. Hannah is making a "100 good wishes quilt" to welcome baby Nina into their family. The quilt is a tradition common in China, so this will be an amazing blending of cultures. Hannah hopes to use 100 different pieces of fabric along with good wishes from anyone who wants to be part of the celebration. That means you!

I'm digging through my stash for something green and purple for Nina! Email me and I'll send you Hannah's address. (Use the email link under my picture. Many comments on the blog are coming through without a reply address.)

And in other news:
Benjamin is sick today. The started the day with a big load of sheets in the laundry. Yuck.

I listened to the Diane Rhem show while Benjamin dozed. They had a wonderful panel discussion of The Time Traveler's Wife which just came out in paperback. It almost made me want to read it again! And I never re-read books.

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