Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas

Well, these cookies are now long gone, but we still have the cute pictures to enjoy.

We also had rum balls, peanut butter patties, molassas crinkles, brownies and Floyd's fudge.

I could probably scroll the December archives for pictures of last years cookies -- they are all the same. Ah, tradition!

We had a wonderful day celebrating and relaxing with Grma and Grpa. Jeff was away much of the month of December, so we were thankful he made it home. We have received many Christmas cards from Navy friends who will not be all together this holiday season. They have been in my thoughts.

Another kitchen highlight: Super Mashers with Chicken and Salsa Verde from Rachael Ray's 365 30 Minute Meals cookbook which I received for Christmas last year. It actually took me only 32 minutes to cook (not counting some of the chopping that I did earlier in the day). It took even less time to eat it and even more time to clean up after it. But, it sure was tasty!

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