Saturday, December 23, 2006

Good Mail

I feel so lucky to have made so many connections with people through blogging. I am always inspired by what others make in their studios and do in their lives. I've had the extreme luck and good fortune to receive some fantastic mail lately.

These have been added to my fabric postcard collection.
Of course, Deb made the foot -- in the green and purple sandal! It came through the mail naked and got pretty smudged on the strap of the flip flop. I think I'll be able to clean it up with a stiff brush. Beate -- from Germany -- and I exchanged postcards when I fell in love with her dog series and asked if she had any up for trade. I just love this whimsical arty image of the dog with the giant red crown and the gal with the plaid pants. And on the bottom left is a blast of texture, shine and color from Emmy in the Netherlands... whose blog I cannot track down at the moment.

This wonderful collage, abstract, landscape came from Joanne as part of the Artshare meme. What a treasure. I just love it. Joanne really has a way with what she calls "trashformations" using pieces from the trash can. I just call them art. Isn't that curve at the top just perfect? Oh and the paper collage of her signature flower! Perfect.

I ordered this collection of self-published zines from Nicci on Etsy. My Paypal balance was rising nicely with sales of my book and I just had to spend some of it! (Right?)

I was so inspired by her ideas -- lots of easy, creative stuff for your sketchbook, home and life! But the drawings totally drew me in. Crisp black and white line drawings full of funk and humor. Since I incorporated lots of line drawings in my book, I was definetely inspired to try some new things.

My box of ornaments and ATCs from the Christmas swaps I participated in also arrived! More on that later. Also... news from the kitchen full of Christmas cooking. Stay tuned.


Deb R said...

I'm glad it got there, but sorry it got all smudged. I've usually had better luck than that sending them through "naked." :-/

Joanne S said...

Thank you for "loving" my work.

I made something beautiful for Sam today. It surprised me. I was thinking of Beverly's leaves and I stitched something wonderful. A gift from the universe. :)

Anonymous said...

That certainly IS good mail! I too, love Beate's life with her dog series. They aree so quirky and fun. Here's Emmy's url if youu want:

Karoda said...

Hi love love Joanne's piece and what a heavenly lot of stuff you have here :)

Wishing you and yours a fun filled holiday!

Beate Knappe said...

I'm glad you like my postcard.
Today your miraculous post was in my mailbox, I'll report in my Blog about that - later. About your Postcard and your Goodys I'm happy and already say: "many thanks!! "