Saturday, July 08, 2006


A few weeks ago Tommy blogged about all the amazing appetizers she made and froze. I could never keep up with that. But I did make a big batch of stuffed mushrooms for the family last week.

Would you like a little tutorial?

Wash and pop the stems off a bunch of button mushrooms.

Mix some prepared pesto sauce with some seasoned bread crumbs. You want a consistency that holds together but isn't crumbly. Stuff each cap with the pesto mix.

Sprinkle some parmesan cheese and pine nuts on top of each mushroom. (You can see I also stuffed some cherry tomatos because Claire doesn't like mushrooms. Benjamin doesn't like mushrooms or tomatos so he had a cheese sandwich.)

Bake at 350ish for 20ish minutes.

Dig in and enjoy.

You may also notice the plate of peel and eat shrimp on the left and the empty wine cooler bottle on the right. And... the gigantic bottle of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup in the middle. Everything's better with chocolate. (I'm kidding. If I remember correctly, the kids had chocolate milk which is why the syrup is still on the counter.)

We ate every last one.


Kim Carney said...

YOU are makin' me hungry! those look(ed) great ... and looks like everyone else thought so too.

Anonymous said...

Yummy, and easy too. I have to remember these. Oh, and about the chocolate: there's a theory out there that most everything can be made better with chocolate, and those things which can't be made better with chocolate are made better with the addition of bacon! There's even a brave soul who made chocolate covered bacon in a search for food nirvana. Not sure he found it.

Sue Seibert said...

Wow, looks delicious. I want to remember that for our annual Christmas party.

Anonymous said...

What yummy looking mushrooms, thanks for the recipe, I will try it out.

Today I am stuffing Paprikas with cooked Gr√ľnkern (a grain-like wheat)mixed with prefried tomatoes, garden herbs, Feta cheese and Pfifferlinge'll have to 'google' those strange names to find out what they

Seems like you all enjoyed yourselves, good for you all!

Gerrie said...

Mr C would like these because he loves pesto. His mantra is that everything can be improved with the addition of pesto - he calls it the new mustard!