Thursday, July 06, 2006

Family Time!

We had a delightful visit with Jeff's side of the family this past week. Here's a picture of all the cousins having fun while sitting on the hood of Grpa's car watching the fireworks.

Things Grma M likes:
Hearing big belly giggles from all four of her precious grandkids
Getting just one more piece in the jigsaw puzzle
Hugs and kisses!
Group pictures
Every single kind of fruit in the fruit salad

Things Grpa T likes:
Souvenirs, shopping for souvenirs, and sharing souvenirs
Taking pictures
Seeing interesting things wherever he goes
Going down the water slide (well... maybe he didn't like it, but he DID it!)
Just being all together!

Things Auntie K likes:
Mongolian BBQ
Experiencing real Texas long horns
Being a loving, supportive, helpful mother and friend
Putting in more puzzle pieces than anyone else
Telling personalized fairy tales

Things Uncle B likes:
History, politics and economics
Space Shuttle websites

Things Cousin Z likes:
Cowboy hats
Cowboy boots
Playing good guys and bad guys

Things Cousin E likes:
Playing Pretty Pretty Princess
Swimming and dumping a big bucket of water on Mommy's head
Hobby horse racing

Things Claire likes:
Being the biggest kid
Giant mazes
Watching Treasure Hunters with the grown ups
Roping a bale of hay with a cow's head
Tootsie Rolls, Hershey's kisses, Starburst and Cowtails

Things Benjamin likes:
Red, white and blue sprinkles on his ice cream
Eatting Teddy Grahms in the car
Having someone else just his size who also loves light sabers
Being tall enough to tip toe in the big pool
Telling ridiculous jokes that make you giggle so much that you get the hiccups

Things Jeff likes:
Having a home that comfortably welcomes everyone
Patriotic music
Being a super fun Uncle (and Daddy!)
Watching World Cup Soccer
Our new grill for hamburgers, hot dogs and brats

Things I like:
Real Texas BBQ sandwiches
Craft projects
How time flies when all the kids are playing together -- sheets and pillow cases are great toys
Having eveyone sit around one table for a great meal
The blessings of a loving family


Lisa said...

Love this post! Time with family really is the BEST time, isn't it.

Did you catch Rock Star last night? I thought of you when I was watching it. If you didn't catch last night make sure you watch tonight, it's EXCELLENT!

Anonymous said...

High Five to Jeff for watching World Cup soccer. You guys can come to Europe any time! OLÉ, olé, olé. olé!

Gerrie said...

Wonderful post of a great family week-end. Lisa is right on about Rock Star - they are all sooo good.

Sue Seibert said...

Deborah, what lovely lists! and the photo is precious. Sounds as though you've had a wonderful visit. Bless you and your family.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

OK....I'm going to guess that Jeff likes the new grill for bratwursts, and not bratty kids LOLOL! Just HAD to say that.... Sarah