Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dallas Farmers' Market

Grma and Grpa visited last week. It was a bit of a crazy week, but we were delighted to have them around. In fact, they are coming back again for the Fourth of July and bringing our little nephew and neice (and their mom and dad) along! Super fun!

I had been wanting to explore the Dallas Farmers' Market and Grpa had wanted to see the big bronze long horns. So we ventured down town one day.

I loved the Farmers' Market. First, we walked through one open air building that was all furniture, wrought iron, pottery and other international items.

Big pots. Big stars.

These are vintage molds for making cones of sugar. Wouldn't they be superfantastic for storing markers, pens or paint brushes?

Donna Downey bought one recently. (She's a ***scrapbook*** artist. And I adore her artwork and blog. Check out this post about her studio make-over. See the sugar mold holding pens on the top shelf?)

More pots. More color.

And then we were on to the produce areas.

Fruit stacking is an important skill to have if you are going to be a vendor. Every thing was in a tiny tight little pryamid. Oh... the colors.

More colors.

And just so you know I didn't take pictures of just the wonderful wares... here's the family heading toward the car. Grpa has a cantelop in that sack.

I bought two little treasures. I'll tell you about them tomorrow. I was a bit overwhelmed for my first trip and didn't have a "shopping list" in my head. But, I am now formulating one and surely I'll be back.


Gerrie said...

Great photos. Looks like fun. And, yes, I would love a sugar mold for storing stuff. I love photos of pottery and have been thinking about doing a quilt of one.Do your parents like Texas better than Maine? Seems like they are visiting more often!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

OK...first off, Claire has GROWN in just a few months!

Second: see, there are some really good things to being in a massive city! Like that market!

Three: how much are those sugar molds? I might just have to impose on you, send a check, etc. etc.!

Four.... OK, so spill, what's the list? Will surf in tomorrow!

Five: glad the families are able to visit so often...there's another advantage to being in an airline hub city! lower fares.....

Cheers and MISS YOU! Sarah

Sue Seibert said...

Wow, Deborah. I have always wanted to go and never had...can't wait to see what you got!!

jenclair said...

I love the Farmer's Market! Summer before last, we bought a box of Mexican tiles and some fresh fruits and vegetables. Best pineapple I've ever tasted!

smarcoux said...

Thanks for showing the fruit and veg at the market... since moving over the the UK. They just done have the range and the freshness .. that I have found here in cambridge area yet.


Lucky girl you are.. I do love the texas star.

Kim Carney said...

You're makin'me homesick ;)

Unknown said...

oh what I would give for some texas peaches. they are the best!!!! the markets here have the horrible ones from california, yuck.