Monday, June 26, 2006

Dallas Area Fiber Artists

What a joy to attend the Dallas Area Fiber Artists meeting tonight. And not just because they had brownies!

I'd heard about the group through various people. I put out a query on the quiltart list months ago and got lots of great tips. Plus, the various yahoo groups I belong to. And the whole blog-o-sphere -- I forget which bit of information or which artist is connected to which group and through whom. Isn't it wonderful? The amazing overlapping of communities and ideas?!

In fact, I can see from my site reader that I have lots of readers in the Dallas area. I only know who a few of them are. Show yourselves, Texans!

The program at tonight's meeting recognized artists who had been members for more than 20 years! Each other them shared work, both old and new, and talked about was DAFA had meant to them over the years.

Holy cow! What amazing work and stories from these gals. They include artists who have completed major commissions for oil companies, long time Bernina Fashion Show Designers, past presidents of all kinds of professional organizations, teachers, world travelers and award winners. I'm sure we barely scratched the surface. They had such positive creative energy! Each of them commented on the many wonderful techniques they had learned from workshops and other members of the group.

There was a big variety of media -- though all fiber! There was also a good mix of ages in the people there tonight, including two men!

I did get stuck with a "bag of stuff" challenge. Grumble. You know, those who wish to participate bring a bag of stuff and take home someone else's bag of stuff. Then you are supposed to come to the October meeting having made a piece of art out of the bag of stuff. If I didn't bring a bag, how come I came home with two? Because some people took it as an opportunity to get rid of a bag of junk. Oh well. All in good fun. I said I thought they were hazing me as a test before they let me become a member. I didn't even look in the bags. Yet.

Maybe they'll forget they sent me home with the bags before October. Because I certainly want to keep going to the meetings.


Deb R said...

I'll be curious to hear what you find in those bags when you look!

Gerrie said...

The only thing I like about bag of stuff challenges is the bag I put together!! have fun abd share.

Sue Seibert said...

Wow, Deborah, sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Hey Deborah!!

It's Becky Jackson from the Twisted Stitcher group. The DAFA group sounds great - I may have to give it a try. It would be 35 miles from my house but getting into Dallas in the evening doesn't involve work traffic so it wouldn't be too bad. Maybe I can get someone to go with me. Hope to see you soon -