Friday, May 19, 2006

More Class Reviews

Here I am with Michael DeMeng when we both had fresh coffee and before I became a trouble maker.

Michael is an assemblage artist. He makes amazing sculptural pieces with everyday objects like Pez dispensers, shoes and match books. His art is full of humor, depth and unexpected messages.

Apparently, this requires occasional use of power tools.

Here's that same picture you saw earlier. I finally got Hello to cooperate.
I was taking a Shoe Shrine class for which I was to bring some shoes. "The pointier the better" the supply list said. I found these at the thrift store for $2.92 and if they were my size I just might have kept them in my closet for wearing with worn out Levi's. (Not seriously, of course. Well... maybe.)

And coffee from QuikTrip which is delicious. It's really my favorite coffee place. Starbucks is great for splurging, but QuikTrip is divine for just your staple coffee. And it's only 89 cents. In fact, it deserves it's own post.

So everything looks fine at this point, right? Don't be fooled.


Karoda said...

I saw these shoes earlier when it was the only photo in this entry and I thought "Deborah owns a pair of CFM shoes! I'm impressed!" hehehehe,

The workshops sound like big fun!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh you are a wicked tease...MORE please, more!

Cheers, Sarah

Kim Carney said...

his work is wonderful!