Thursday, March 16, 2006

Feeling Bold?

Kate turned me on to these wonderful new Starbucks logos. She said this one reminded her of my Blue Leaves Reaching series.

I love it. Leaves, blooms, lines, asymetry, unusual colors... my pulse is racing!

Looking for something a bit edgier? How about this?

Not quite so edgy? How about a cooler color scheme?

And doesn't this just make you want to dance? Plus... that great name! "Lightnote!"

Need I even mention the cool perforated border? When I was at Starbucks studying all these inspiring designs, I noticed that they had rolls and rolls of these sticker logos behind the counter. Oh. My. The. Possibilities. I asked if I could have a few and when the "barista" rolled her eyes and asked "Why," I figured I could just download them.

Of course, you've noticed the enormous popularity of bird images. So did the Starbucks designers.

I'm also in love with the translucency and appearance of layers on this design.

And you can't go wrong with architectural imagery.

Ok, go about your business. Have a cuppa for me!


Joanne S said...

What do they plan to do with the rolls of stickers? Put one on each cup they sell? Nothing?

McD's corp used to send us things like that--add on's from marketing--and we would file them--in the wastebasket.

Debra said...

I don't drink Starbucks unless I'm in the Midwest, but those are cool designs there.

Have you ever tried to take part in the "fair trade coffee" StarBucks challenge? You ask the barista for a cup of their "fair trade coffee" and they must a)know which brand(s) to use, and b) immediately French press you a cup if it's not in their daily mix.

Most Starbucks fail.

Terry Grant said...

I have been a fan of Starbuck's Graphics for a long time. The stickers are used to close the coffee bags, but I have asked for and received stickers with no eye-rolling!

When I took an Adobe Illustrator class years ago, the instructor said if you want to practice your Illustrator skills get Starbucks labels (they are all created in Illustrator) and try to reproduce them. I did several, including one with a parrot that I loved. It was much more fun and challenging than copying the shaded apple and leaf in my textbook.

Karoda said...

I don't go to SB, but I might have to just to pick up these groovy labels!