Monday, January 09, 2006

We Went Sledding This Weekend

It was a perfect day. Sunny and bright. Not too cold -- probably in the mid 20s. Claire has been just begging to go sledding at the big hill and I am so glad we squeezed it in this weekend while Jeff was home.

It's so fun you don't even mind hiking up every time -- well, the first several times at least.

Benjamin cried after this first run. He got a bunch of snow kicked up in his face. After that he rode in the middle of the threesome.

I wish you could see their faces here. It's like one of these secret cameras they have mounted above roller coasters. Then they sell you the picture of yourself screaming in a cheesy cardboard frame for $9.95.

That's me. I didn't spend the whole time taking pictures.

Little handsome and big handsome!

Not so good light here. But it give you an idea of the scale of the hill and the people around. If I'd taken a few steps over, I could have gotten a bit of the sunset. It was lovely.

Of course, I'm feeling nostalgic about this being our last day sledding in Maine. Sigh.


Jen said...

Wonderful pictures! The one of your two handsome guys is frame worthy. Jen

Anonymous said...

I love the rosy cheeks! What a wonderful day!

Terry Grant said...

Boy does that bring back memories! We used to have so much fun sledding with the kids when we lived in So. Oregon where there is actually snow and not just rain. It is the most exhilerating feeling flying down a snowy slope with the cold air stinging your cheeks! Your pictures capture that feeling--what fun!

Anonymous said...

I still can't imagine you living in Texas. Sigh.....not for me....However, I might as well be in Seattle. We have had close to 50 days in a row with at least a trace of least the sun came out for a while yesterday.....and I got to see the stars Tuesday morning....

SO, when do you guys leave??


Karoda said...

boy, does that look like a fun day...but 20s are freezing!!!!!! I laughed when you said "not that cold". geez.

Miriam said...

adorable! make a picture quilt of big and lil men.