Monday, January 16, 2006

Random Thoughts

Inspired by DebR's junk drawer posts, I thought I'd share a bit of my own.

Did you see that a new world's record has been set for solving a Rubik's cube? 11.13 seconds. This is boggling to me. How can that be? Apparently, the experts memorize algorithms for solving it. My brain is so not up for that.

I'm reading a new book. The Solace of Leaving Early by Haven Kimmel. I adored gods in Alabama and love the author, Joshilyn Jackson's blog, Faster Than Kudzu. She recently recommended Kimmel and I remembered I had read one of her early books (A Girl Named Zippy) and since I was looking for something read -- since I'm not starting any more creative projects before the move -- I requested it from the library. It's quite good and I'm enjoying reading several chapters a day in spare moments. I haven't read anything in quite some time. So this feels good.

I watch a hilarious show on Food Network last night. Ham on the Street. It was so very very funny. The host is a riot. It's a combination of Jay Leno's "Jaywalking" and Alton Brown's Good Eats and just an overall giggle-fest. The episode I watched was all about breakfast. Let's just say this, it's not easy to cook an ostrich egg "over easy."

Why must dried apricots be kept in a air tight bag? Like they are going to dry out?

My birthday is coming up and I've asked my husband for a navigation system for our cars. This is brilliant on my part -- if I do say so myself. He might not have clued in to some of the other things I am drooling over. But he is a total gadget guy and he will do a brilliant job of comparing products, reading reviews and getting me all hooked up. When we were in Dallas at the beginning of the month, I realized what an enormous city it is. Duh. And I'm not so good with the maps. Or the sense of direction. Or the acting calm when lost. I will easily be able to plug in Gabrielle's address -- or any area location -- and the little voice (You can choose man or woman.) will tell me exactly how to get there. Plus we can use it for our long drive down to TX. Some models can even tell you where the next McDonald's Playland is.

Quilt content tomorrow. I gave my best friend Lucy the go-ahead to open her birthday gift early so I can share it with you all.


Joanne S said...

My husband has a navigation system and he uses it all the time to find his hotel or the retailer he is supposed to visit. It is also stress free on highways. The woman--you see men pick the woman's voice---tells you far enough ahead so you can move over for exits. I'm only a passenger but I find it helpful--except when the map is wrong.

You were very smart to ask for one!!!!

Deb R said...

My hubby has one of those nav system thingies and he loves it! (He has it installed on his laptop rather than in a vehicle because he travels for business and that way he can have it with him in rental cars.)

When's your bday, Deborah??

Anonymous said...

I loved A Girl Named Zippy. My husband is an anti-gadget guy so this ploy would not work. I like, Diane, often give the Etch-a-Sketch gift to him - it is really a toy for me - the techno gramma! Mr. C's birthday is Sunday and I am at a loss of what to give him - an Ipod Nano with video!!