Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Little Yummies

When my parents were here in December, we went to a local favorite spot for lunch. Actually, it's not local. It's in Wiscasset. I had lobster pizza, my mom had lobster salad on French bread and my dad had something like lobster pot pie. We were all feeling "last meal in Maine." It was good unless you're in a hurry and have a busy 6 and 3 year old in your party.

Then we walked down the street past one of my favorite shops: Rock, Paper, Scissors. And just two doors down was a new store which looked very interesting: Smitten. (Isn't that a great name?) The Smitten sign grabbed me. I was like a deer in headlights. Great design. Must. Make. Quilt.

I didn't go in either store since we had the kids and the bellies full of lobster. But I'm hoping to make a trip later this month.

As soon as the house guests left, and before the next set arrived two days later, I squeezed out these little quilts inspired by the Smitten sign.

Blue Leaves Reaching #1, 9x5ish"
This one went to my best friend, Lucy, for her 37th birthday. I stamped a subtle 37 on one of the purple circles and I love the techno contemporary flare that adds. The zigzagged edge worked well here.

Blue Leaves Reaching #2, 9x5ish"
This one I swaped with Frayed Edge Kate for a charming 5x7 quilt that she made of three little houses on the shore.

Blue Leaves Reaching #3, 9x5ish"
This one went to Sonji for her birthday. You maybe saw it on her blog. Sonji and I met just over a year ago through Alma Stoller's yahoo group. I was lucky enough to receive a piece of her painted fabric in a swap and I emailed her personally to tell her how incredibly impressed I was. Here's the bag I made with that fabric. We've become great friends since then.

Blue Leaves Reaching #4, 4x6"
These last three hung around the ironing board and the embroidery floss a bit longer and got jazzed up a bit more. Isn't that what working in a series is about? I also did a fused binding on these.

Blue Leaves Reaching #5, 9x6"
Claire wanted me to turn that big purple circle into a turtle. I told she could make her own turtle quilt.

Blue Leaves Reaching #6, 9.5x7"
I painted the foundation fabric for a fabric swap with that same yahoo group. I used it to make Blended Morn (terrible picture), Treasures of the Sunrise and all these little treasures. It's almost gone. I just love that yellowy, melony, orangy blend.


Deb R said...

These are all just wonderful, Deborah! I espeically love #5.

Joanne S said...

I like numbers 5 and 6. Claire certainly has a creative eye. That looks like a turtle to me too---his or her head, arms and legs all tucked inside. Paint some more fabric!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm digging the details on the leaves in 4 & 5! These are all sweet little quilts (how about making a big one? After your move, of course)

Anonymous said...

wow! yum. I want to eat them like home made candy lollipops. way to go. love your design sense.

Melody Johnson said...

I am GREEN WITH ENVY. A real series, that looks like a series. U have done what I have been trying to do for years!
I adore them, want them all and think you are a genius.

Karoda said...

They would be hard for me to part with :)

Susan Bingham said...

These are great! What lucky friends you have!

Micki said...

Deborah, these are great. Each one just gets better. It would be hard to choose one over the other.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto and ditto! You know - what everyone else said cause I am late to this party.

Balwearie said...

OOoooo spiffy! I adore the buttons!

Lauri said...

Sooooooo beautiful!

Frances said...

I agree with everyone else Deborah these are beautiful,
love your guardian angel in quilting arts too,