Sunday, December 18, 2005


Here are some more items from the Frayed Edges.

On the top left is the 5x7 card that Kate made. We bartered for this little treasure. I promised to make her a 5x7 little something soon. (More on that in a moment.) Then there is the Celebrations Calendar from Kitchen Table cards. On the bottom is the bag that Sarah made. Isn't it vibrant?! And on the top is the 4x6 postcard that Kathy made -- complete with wreath on the door and glitter glue embellishments.

I thought I was inspired to make a 5x7 for Kate and maybe a new series of postcards using my efficient and complementary assembly line system. I cut out several 4x6 foundations. Gathered some embellishments that had a common theme and even made some sketches of shapes and designs I might use. Nothing. Totally uninspired. Absolutely not one drop of creative juice was flowing. I left it all out for about a day and a half, but yesterday I cleaned it all up and put it away for another time.

My studio is also our guest room and the guests will be coming soon. Yeah! So, I've just decided that the next several weeks will be for catching up on my pile of magazines, maybe reading a new book or two, holiday baking and generally "no new projects." I did BRIEFLY consider teaching myself to knit. Thankfully, that idea passed quickly. Maybe I'll do some magazine collages when it comes time to write thank-you notes. Other than that...

I'm just ready to relax into the holidays!


Joanne S said...

Holiday time is such a difficult period for creative types. It's like "overload" and there is so much pressure to make "good stuff". Have your sketchbook handy as you go through the magazines and read your books--the ideas will drift by--catch them if you can.

Next time you work--specify about 30 minutes upfront for "warm up" exercises and anything you make is just that--not the "real" thing. It takes the pressure off.

Gerrie said...

Oh, I so know that feeling of being creatively stalled. It is all the stuff going on right now. You know it will be back, soon!

Anonymous said...

How about a knitting lesson - shall I bring the needles and yarn?? Love, Mom

Karoda said...

The Frayed Edges are such a talented vibrant group...thanks for sharing your the photos of your loot :)

I keep having those fleeting thoughts of learning to knit or crochet...but I determined not to indulge...reading, yeah, reading is a good filler :)