Friday, December 16, 2005

Frayed Edges Celebration

The Frayed Edges met on Monday. It was another delightful day. Please don't remind me how much I'll miss these amazing artists and friends when we move to Texas. Seriously, don't even mention it.

We exchanged lovely gifts including these gingerbread houses that Kathy made.

Benjamin decided which one would stay at our house by picking off one of the sweet-tart hearts and eating it. I just cannot convince my kids that the house is "just a decoration!"

Kathy also brought some peanut butter balls and nutmeg cookies (delish!), a charming fabric postcard of a house adorned for Christmas and a tiny little set of gift cards with images from her other holiday postcards. (She recently did a holiday fair and these gift cards sold well.) I'll post pictures of the postcard tomorrow.

I made mugs for everyone. They were so fun to make at the local "paint your own pottery" place. I also included a sack of Bishop's Blend coffee that benefits Episcopal Relief and Development. It's certified Fair Trade, organic and shade grown. Hopefully, it's also tasty.

Kate gave each of us one of the new celebrations calendars produced by Kitchen Table Cards -- her company which makes products "celebrating adoption and the joys of family." There is a page for each month with 30 or 31 lines on which you can write birthday, anniversaries, etc. Each page also has one of their designs wonderful fabric illustrations. I'm so excited about this calendar because I really love to acknowledge celebrations of friends and family, but that practice has slipped a bit in the past few years. And of course, I'm delighted that it will remind me of Kate every time I use it.

Kate also gave each of us a poster with one of their designs. I got the beautiful "red thread" inspired image. I swear, my new studio in our new home, is going to be FULL of inspiring art. I am so lucky!

Sarah gave each of us superfantastic little bag -- the shape of a giant pencil pouch. She shivaed the fabric and designed the pattern herself. I just love it. Why why why did I not take a picture? Soon, I promise. She also shared some beautiful Christmas ornaments with swirled paint inside a clear glass ball. I confess, I did not tell the other Frayed Edges that I tried to make some of these ornaments several years ago with some friends and we failed miserably. What a mess it was. So, I really appreicate Sarah's success and I'll enjoy having them on our tree for years to come.

There was other art shared. I bartered with Kate for a charming 5x7 quiltlet with three tiny houses sitting on a shoreline. (Yes, I'll add this to my list of things to photograph.) I also bought two wonderful fiber/fabric/bead pins from Kathy. Those will probably be wrapped up for some lucky recipient in the next week.

And of course we ate. There was a talk about a Frayed Edges cookbook. Yum-O!

That's Sarah's Turkey Kelbasa and Potato Soup, Kate's green salad, my focaccia (from Panera)...

and Kathy's cake...


And yes, I know you noticed Kate's awesome apron in the above photo. Doesn't she look snappy?! And how clever is that tie? She re-purposed the strap from one of the kid's carseats. Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading about your Frayed Edges gatherings - the joy and enthusiasm just oozes from your words! Can't wait to see more pictures and even enjoy them "in person" when we visit for Christmas! Love, Mom

Joanne S said...

I want the decadent cake recipe!

Debra said...

Hope you find a similar group when you move to ... Texas?? is it?

Is that going to happen terribly soon or not until the end of the school year?

Micki said...

what a wonderful gathering. good food, great gifts and even greater friends.

Sonji Hunt said...

Wow, I can't believe you made those mugs, Deborah...they look store bought (how stupid does that sound?). Anyway, they are very professional looking and have the most excellent leaf shape.

The apron...genius. And I'm with your kids, if it's been made from food, then it must be eaten.