Thursday, December 15, 2005

Cutest Boy Ever

Benjamin and I went to see Santa at the local library yesterday morning.

As soon as Santa sat down, Benjamin went up and told him a knock knock joke. (He told the same joke to the host at the Olive Garden last week.) He also explained that he'd like a "funny car with a froggy driving it" for Christmas.

My small art group the Frayed Edges met on Monday. It was delightful in every way and a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season. More pictures of that event soon -- the food, the gifts, the art!


momma helen said...

I am just so happy about your blog! Every time I want to connect with a old friend (the friendship is old, not you of course!), I know all I've got to do is zip over to your blog to get a friend fix.
For Christmas this year, I'd like a dose of your dicipline! You make time for wonderful things to happen--and they do.

Deb R said...

1. Benjamin is adorable!!

2. What was the knock knock joke??

Terry Grant said...

Your little boy is absolutely adorable! My "little" boy is 32, but I still remember those Christmases when the kids were that age and so excited and so much fun--those are the BEST Christmases. And yes, I'd love to hear the "knock-knock" joke too.

Kim Carney said...

ahh, He is so cute, I love those santa pictures!

Elle said...

Sooooooo cute!

Him and his frogs!