Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hey Look!

My mom and I stopped by Maine Street Art to see the holiday show and my items. Kat, the owner, was still hanging the show, but it was looking excellent.

She created a whole "fiber corner." You'll see my collages, three hanging on the wall and two standing on the top of the shelf unit. My post cards are in the small rectangular shaped basket on the lower shelf. (If I were DebR, I'd draw an arrow so you'd be sure to see them.) I made a nice sign that sticks up out of the basket. Local quilter Catherine Worthington's small fish and landscape quilts are hanging above the shelf. There are lots of lavendar stuffed pillows, shawls and scarves and other must-haves!

In fact, I bought a hat and a tiny little row of wooden hooks (on which I could hang my hat!) and my mom bought some earrings. I know, I should have taken pictures of those, too.

And then we had Indian for dinner. Yum!


Deb R said...

Your collages look so sharp framed and hanging! And the other artists' work featured looks nice with yours too. A very good overall display!

Micki said...

You must be so excited about this. Everything looks great! Good Luck.

Gerrie said...

How nice that your Mm could share this with you!! Yeah for you!!

Gerrie said...

Of course I meant Mom!!

Sonji Hunt said...

Your work does look wonderful framed. It's so great that I can actually recognize the pieces from that distance! It looks like a very cool, artsy place with lots of goodies to please everyone. They will BUY BUY BUY. Plus, you are going to be a hot commodity because you are leaving town. They had better snatch the work up before they must travel to get it. Of course, the gallery could just represent you. Wow. Out of state representation! You are big time. Am I getting ahead of myself with planning YOUR life? As I've said before, I'm really so proud that you went out and promoted yourself like that! My Hero.

Jen said...

Looks like a great display and I predict you will sell, sell, sell.
Congrats! Jen