Sunday, October 09, 2005

I Admit It

I watch a lot of tv. And I like it. Since Deb Roby reported her weekly schedule and several others have mentioned their feelings about the new season, I thought I'd chime in.

still giving How I Met Your Mother a chance

The Amazing Race, also not yet really thrilling me

America's Next Top Model, loving it!
Lost, I finally gave in to what millions of others seem to already know. In fact, I'll be renting last season so I can really catch up. (I flip to watch Martha's Apprentice during the commercials.)

Alias, I've given 5 or so years of my life to this one so it's hard to bail now even though it pretty much sucks and they've killed off Fr. Hotty McSexy who could have carried me through this lame season on his own. Boo Hoo. I watch Survivor during the commercials.
And then Everwood which I adore! In fact, I'm giving it the "show of the month" award... it has not disappointed like every other show.

Hmmm Not much, maybe What Not To Wear, if I remember.

Not much here either.

West Wing. Yumamente, President Matt Santos.

Actually, I guess that's not too much tv. Of course, I catch my fair share of Iron Chef America, Miami Ink, Designer Finals, Curb Appeal, Designed to Sell, etc etc etc. And you can never go wrong with Animal Planet.


Sonji Hunt said...

The only shows that I have watched each week in this new season are Lost (and this new path is not interesting me at all, but I love the flashbacks so I'm still hanging in) and Grey's Anatomy (Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsy are, as you say, the Mr. McSexypants). I bailed on Housewives last night and watched baseball instead. I've also been watching the last half hour of The Apprentice. I like to watch everyone wimp out in the board room and cry in the apartment. Arrogance and weakness are an excellent combination for tv viewing.I'd watch Top Model, but my husband shames me out of it. Darn.

Anonymous said...

Monday- Surface ( sort of ETish), Tuesday is a wash, Wednesday- Lost and Law and Order. Thursday it's Survivor (with long distance full hour comments with Kay in Georgia), CSI, Without a Trace, Friday- Killer Instinct and then any Law and Order on TNT. Saturday - HGTV and Sunday- Cold Case and Criminal Intent. My husband likes Prison Break. I liked the Closer on Mondays. I admit to watching HGTV almost 24/7 with occasional visits to the Barefoot Contessa and Everyday Italian. Rachel Ray used to be a fav but her voice now is like chalk screeching across the chalkboard so I stopped watching.

Melody Johnson said...

Joanne S. Who are you??? YOu are my soulmate! I loved the Closer and am a fan, nay, addicted to anything L&O, and can even watch it for the 10th rerun...sad sad sad.
I cannot say I have watched much new TV but I do love My Name is Earl and Martha's Apprentice, just to see her and her quirky self. And E-ring is hot just for Ben Bratt. More shirtless bits please!
But mostly I wanted to say that Rachel Ray needs to drink less caffeine and more wine and stop saying "How great is that?"