Wednesday, October 26, 2005


There are several new galleries in Brunswick, Maine. I think it's pretty exciting (too bad we're moving). One of the new galleries is called Maine Street Art. The artist/owner has a new exhibit each month focusing on a special theme. The first was the kick-off show, then there was a Wings show and the current show is Wood. It's fresh and full of a huge variety of art and artists.

Last week I finally said to myself, "All that artwork is rotting away in drawers and closets. Why don't you get out and share and sell it?!" So I called the owner and asked if I might bring some work in for her to consider for her upcoming shows. The holiday show is focused on gift giving and she wants all the work to be priced under $100. And the January show is "Spirit of Art" focusing on healing and meditative art.

So, I've got my appointment on Friday morning. I didn't have much in the under $100 range (other than post cards) so I got really inspired and made a small series of shrine collages. They are all mounted on black foam core (ala Sonji) and framed in 8 x 10 frames. They were a delight to make. I hope the owner will be willing to include some in the upcoming show.

Envision Growth

Shrine by the Sea

Treasures of the Sunrise

Spontaneous Joy

House of Vine and Whimsy

Since we've all been enjoying process pictures and descriptions lately in the Artful Quilters Webring, I'll post some in progress pictures of these shrines later in the week. I've settled into a casual "assembly line" system that makes it really fun to do a series.

Wish me luck at the gallery. I'll be bringing a few other pieces for her to consider for the January show. How will I carry everything? And what will I wear? There is so much more to this experience than just making the art, you know?


Deb R said...

Oooooh, I LOVE the shrine series, Deborah!!

Ellen said...

Good luck with the gallery! I really like your choices of color in the shrine series. They all seem restful/peaceful/calming to me.

Karoda said...

these are really cool and i predict they will do well.

Joanne S said...

You "just" made these up for the appointment? Wow! These will be very popular. Remember when you're "known" you can raise your prices. Go get em!