Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I always think the whole Self Portrait Tuesday thing is quite wonderful. I don't regularly participate, too much pressure. This month they are doing photo stories. Here's my contribution. On a Tuesday even. I'm so organized.

Occasionally, I take the time to brew the real deal cappaccino with all the wonderful simple tools I've acquired recently.

Above: Clockwise from top left, Bodum milk frother. (Not to be confused with Boden where you can find very cool clothes.) Kimbro espresso grind coffee. Spoon. Bottom half of my moka, with water in the bottom and coffee mounded up in the filter portion. Top half of moka.

While the moka is on the stove top over medium heat, I prepare the mug with a bit of Hershey's chocolate syrup and some sugar. That's my favorite mug made by my kids for Mothers' Day some years ago.

See the espresso bubbling up through the tube in the middle? Deep dark rich!

Then I warm the milk in the microwave.

Then I pump the milk full of air and it gets thick and frothy! One time I accidently broke this glass piece. Tragic! I called the Bodum 800 number and they sent me a replacement quick as a whistle and for a reasonable price. Love good customer service. If you need a French press or a milk frother, buy Bodum.

After pouring the espresso over the chocolate and sugar and giving it a quick mix, I dollop the mix and froth on top. Luscious. Can you believe how simple it is? You really don't need the super expensive machines.

Here's me enjoying my Tuesday Mocha.

Ok, it's not actually me, it's Tommy.

Oh and speaking of the wonderful eats and drinks. Check out what my sister cooked for their recent camping trip. I am so not a camper, but if I were, I'd take her along as the chef.


Deb R said...

That looks YUMMY!!

Debra said...

Like I mentioned to Tommy... your skin is so creamy and luscious... caffiene must be good for us!

I have a similar espresso maker.. but when I treat myself, it's the instant ghiardelli's chocolate packets.. and soymilk (not frothed).

Yum... excuse me while I fix a mug.

m.daniela said...

....cappuccino, Deborah, cappuccino!
love your fiber art!
maria daniela in Rome (Italy)