Thursday, September 08, 2005

Just Exploring...

I finally got around to actually reading the July/August issue of Somerset Studio. I think I was so thrilled to read Sonji's superfantastic profile, that I forget to enjoy the rest of the issue.

I always enjoy their regular feature, The Lively Art of Lettering, and in this issue they issued a challenge to "send letters made with unusal tools." Hmmmm, the sewing machine needle could be an unusal tool. I did some sketches then dove into my fabric and thread.

Here's what I came up with.

Letter Sketch #1, 5 x 7 "

I love the design of the grid. I sewed the blue lines first then added the idea of letters... letting the eye fill in lots of the horizonal and vertical lines that make up the letter forms that we are so familiar with. Originally I left long thread tails on all the letters. But that just looked like a hairy mess. So I clipped all but A and Z.

Letter Sketch #2, 5 x 7 "

This one explores the continuous line more. I like that it's all smooshed. I wanted to add some variety and depth, so I stamped the last two letters, then fused a piece of sheer netting over it. I added another piece of sheer strip of white on which I had written upper-case letters across the top. (Ok... I admit, I ran out of room to quilt the Y and Z, so I improvised.)

Letter Sketch #3, 7 x 5 "

Just simple quilted lines. Then a few lines with a pigma pen... plus the written alphabet. Another piece of sheer over the letters in the center.

I backed them all with some incredible Lonni Rossi that I fused and folded over to bind. (A perfect use for me new iron on a stick.)

For some seriously inspiring and amazing lettering check out these envelopes.


Micki said...

The way that you made something as simple as the alphabet look different in so many ways is inspirational. These are great.

Diane Perin said...

These are wonderful! What fun, and how inspirational that you took the idea and just DID it!

gabrielle said...

Deborah, these are so creative and the link to graceful envelopes kept me occupied for hours....what a great concept....and look you have a series started.

Anonymous said...

Totally wonderful! I admit that I love writing words and letters with the Bernie.

Sonji Hunt said...

You are such a superfantastic show off with your fancy stuff. Love it, of course!

Anonymous said...

There is something so seductive about the alphabet and the written word. Your ABC's are wonderful, inventive and may have me actually lettering again. I had the terrible college experience of failing lettering not once, but twice. A crushing blow at the time. On a secondary topic--it was a surprise to see the Rock Star review. I love that show and I love guessing who is going home even better. I've been sending my opinions to my friend but she reads and doesn't reply. I was offended that Marty got the most votes and no encore even though Pretty Vegas was good.