Wednesday, September 07, 2005

In Excess

Well... as Deb R says... spoilers apply. The obligatory Rock Star review, I'll make this short and sweet (or maybe not so sweet).

That weasle JD, he's got me under his spell again. I thought his original was awesome -- catchy, edgy, creative.

I think Suzie held steady last night. Her voice is mezmorizing. Her original song "Soul Life" was ok. Unless you compare it to MiG's original, in which case, Suzie's was superfantastic. And speaking of...

MiG. He is so 80s. His look, his sound, his attitude. I just don't think it looks to the future. Jeff says it's just his Aussie style. I don't care what it is, I'm not into it. What was he possibly thinking singing that original ballad? He's not trying out to be the lead singer of Air Supply.

I'll just say that Jordis' confidence has plummeted about as much as Suzie's has skyrocketed. And Dave called her on it. Indeed, lost the spark. Time for her to go. (She should have gone last week.)

Marty was incredible. He's completely focused. He has not sold out his own personality or performance, but has intentional mixed his current vibe with the good ole INXS sound. My friend Kate says, "The only thing I like about his screaming is I get to see the top and the bottom sets of his beautiful teeth all at once." Well, there you go. What more do you need? And that original was spot on. In fact, I almost want to go download it, it's swimming around in my head a bit.

Encore: Marty's original (though I'd like to hear JD's Pretty Vegas again.)
Bottom Three: Jordis, MiG and JD
Going Home: Jordis

Oh and I may I just say that Suzie's must have had some cute little panties on because surely the folks in the first few rows got a good look.

And one more comment on fashion from Kate, "I thought Brooke looked stunning until they panned back and showed her full length! I almost laughed out loud! She looked like a Barbie that my three-year-old had dressed... or undressed, as the case may be. Ugh."


Unknown said...

Hi Deborah,
I think you know my sister Deb Silva in south portland. I just noticed that you are moving to Dallas, you must indeed be sad to be leaving picturesque Maine for flat hot Dallas. But the great thing about Texas is all the wonderful quilters! I lived in Austin for almost 7 years and loved it. My good friend Julie Upshaw who also lived in Austin when I was there, lives in Dallas now and has an art quilt group called the twisted stitchers. It is a great group you can either locate them through the quilt guild or i can give you julies email addy if you like. You will also love being able to drive to Houston for festival (4 hours). i am getting ready to leave Los Angeles and move to Chicago. I hate moving and all the stress involved. Good Luck with your move. maybe we will meet in Houston some time.

Gerrie said...

Don't want to repeat myself - so go to DebR to see my comments!!

Tonya Ricucci said...

I completely agree with your predictions. I think the band will pick Marty's "Trees" as the encore, but then who would he pick to do a second encore if they do that again? Think he'd return the favor to Suzie, not let J.D. get any more attention...