Monday, August 08, 2005

Good morning.

Are you tired of looking at the picture of JD? I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days. There may be another lull coming. We're leaving tomorrow to spend eight days with family in the St. Louis area. Then we come back for just two days -- one of those days will be spent going to the World Quilt Expo in Manchester, NH with the Frayed Edges, Yippee!! -- then we're going to spend four days with my parents in western New York. Then only one week later, school starts. (Yippee!!)

So, speaking of traveling... remember when we went to New Hampshire in July? We had a great time. The kids loved Story Land. (Jeff and I loved it too... but mostly because the kids loved it.)

It is the most rinky dink, tired "amusement park" we've ever been to. Really just a souped up country fair. But's that ok. Who doesn't love rides, cheesy shows and mist tents?

Of course, we had ice cream. We are totally an ice cream family. In fact, we can hardly wait to get custard in St. Louis. But, in NH we found a "make your own sundae" place. Just like a salad bar, except with all kinds of toppings. Decadent... and very pricey.

We did four or five letter boxes in New Hampshire. Great fun. Diana's Baths in North Conway of the White Mountains was awesome. Really, I'm searching for more appropriate words to describe it. It was just amazing. Basically it was a series of small waterfalls that you could hike right through. Swimming, sun bathing, frollicking.

The area held an old grist mill, so there are several old brick basins and carved out sections. There were tons of people there and you could stand near the bottom of the falls and look up to see families, couples, teenagers, old dudes with no shirts on -- all at different levels up into the river and the woods. I wish I would have gotten a better wide shot.

Here's Benjamin doing a little waterfall dance.

And isn't this a lovely picture? Moss and ivy squeezing out through the layers of rock right new a waterfall.

A couple of side thoughts. What happened to my Rock Stars on Monday nights? I'm all about the INXS three nights in a row. Where are they?

I used the new blogger photo commands for this post. Not very friendly. I had to cut and paste to get them where I wanted them.

In the studio? I started to make a little handbag, but was frustrated by my sad lack of large pieces of fabric. Hardly anything bigger than a fat quarter. So I made more post cards. A landscape series this time. Lots of embroidery happening now. Can I bring a crewel needle on the airplane?

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Gerrie said...

Thanks for losing JD! He is kind of cute, though. One of my nieces just moved to Manchester, NH. I have to go visit!! Well, I can't make it, but I will let my sister know that she needs to go visit during quilt festival. Have a great vacation! I'm ready to head home, but have 4 more days in the hot, humid northeast.