Thursday, August 04, 2005

Brief Random Snippets

I swear I may even consider downloading JD's version of The Letter from Rock Star on Tuesday night. I thought it was awesome. Yes, he's immature. Cocky. A bit unpredictable. Conniving. But... damn, he totally draws me in. I'm also all about Marty and Jordis. And Ty's moved onto my B list, but he's still a player.

I think it was Deb Lacativa and I who briefly discussed how it would be clever to do a series of postcards with song lyrics about mail. So, JD's "my baby she wrote me a letter" is so totally on my list. (I've also added James Taylor to my list. "She gets a long letter, sends back a post card. Times are hard.")

Jeff accepted a job offer to be a Lead Engineer/Test Pilot for a company in Dallas. He'll do several weeks of training in various locations beginning in September, then we'll all move to Dallas in January or February. This is going to be a great fit for our family. I'm very proud of my smart and talented husband. Ok, fellow bloggers, I'm ready to hear all about what you love about Texas.

I cleaned my studio last week. I mean purged! I also took an inventory of supplies and works-in-progess. My list of WIPS includes 27 items. Too many. I even bought a new dry erase/bulletin board and made of list of said projects. And those four items listed on the right are the new projects I'd like to start. Hmmm. Which list do you think I should tackle first? Clearly several of the 27 are not destined for completion. That's ok. But, I was surprised to pull some out and feel a bit inspired.

There's some velvet coloring by Claire and a post card from Natasha Kempers-Cullen and another from Virginia Spiegle and Janet Ghio. All inspiring bits of art.

Big lumps of time this week have been spent doing my real job. I work about 30 hours a month, all from home, doing the design, layout and editing of a monthly newsletter. This month it's 24 pages. In fact, that's what I should be doing now.


momma helen said...

Yippee! I'm so glad to hear that Jeff's accepted a position, and now you have a bit of clarity about the future.
Things I loved about Texas: Ladybird Johnson National Wildflower Center (Austin), The Hill Country (like the Flint Hills with trees, near Austin), Ft Worth Museum of Art (and it's peaceful grounds), more moderate weather, hotly contested bbq, lots of bluebonnets and other wildflowers, and probably what will really win you over: it's the home of Blue Bell Ice Cream.

smarcoux said...

Deborah, congrats on your husbands job and your all very lucky to go to texas .. one of my favourite places, Houston texas quilt show .... a do not miss
I lived in houston LOL warm weather yippeee ,
texas hmmm any of the foods tex mex style food ... pappasitos, margaritas, warm weather have I mentioned that ? hehe so near to Lousianna and mardi gras .... Austin very nice place to go and also san antonio with the river walk and they have their own mardi gras there shesh I could go on!!!! Lucky girl I say

Dangling by a thread

Deb R said...

I know nothing about Texas except that it gets hot some really fabo quilters live there, but congrats to you and Jeff on the upcoming move!

About RS: INXS, JD's song was amazing. I think he has the potential to be a good fit for the group too if he'd just freakin' Grow UP! If he wins it, every time I see/her INXS I'm going to think "there's JD the weenie". :-D

gabrielle said...

Woo hoo,depending on where you move we will be in the same neighborhood. I live 20 min NW of DFW International.There is nothing to compare Tex-Mex food....but do be prepared for the weather. You will love every season but summer...a rainy 92 F. today. Agree with Helen, Ft. Worth has fabu museums, the oldest modern art museum in the Southwest..I could go on and on but we're glad to have you down the road a piece.

Melody Johnson said...

I will come to visit you and Gabrielle and we will whine about how hot it is. NO more looooonnnggggg Maine winters for you, except this last one. And you'll be closer to your original home, n'est pas?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't rejoice just yet; I am selfishly sad about losing you. I promise to rally before January.

For now...
"I'm gonna sit write down and write myself a letter..."

"Mr.Postman, look and see, if there's a letter in your bag from me..." God, I'm old.

JD's hip/crotch action was a bit over the top. If he wasn't so scrawny? The women are looking more promising to me.

Susan Bingham said...

Waah! New England is LOSING YOU!!?! No fairsies!

Congrats to your DH though, and I hope you like heat!

Gerrie said...

OMG!! I just made my way through all your posts from the past two weeks while I was on vacation. You are moving to Dallas!! Well at least there won't be snow. And you are making your way west and maybe you will end up in California eventually!!