Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rock On!

Here is the completed rock quilt.

Encrusted Cairn, 24 x 17

And here is a close up.

These pictures are not great. I must read my camera manual and rig up something to take pictures outside in "natual light." Yeah, I'll add that to my to do list.

Actually I love this quilt. The metal, shiney, rusty, variety of shapes and sizes of embellishments ... I was pleased with the outcome.

The rocks are from fabric I painted in a workshop with Maxine Farkas.

And speaking of Rock On... Who is watching Rock Star INXS? I'm hooked.


Elle said...

I like it!

Gerrie said...

This is so Andy Goldsworthy-worthy!! Sorry, couldn't help myself. And yes I am watching Rock Star INXS. Love that Deana!

Deb R said...

I wish I could see this in person, Deborah. I want to see all the textures!

And yep, I'm hooked on Rock Star: INXS too.

Jen said...

Wish I could see it better, but I still can get the feel for this wonderful piece. Jen

Sonji Hunt said...

What size is this Deborah? I can feel the compact layers of sediment and rocks in my spine when I look at it. That's a good thing. I wish that you had better close-ups though. I want to see that detail, girl!

I caught a glimpse of Rock Star INXS. My husband gave me the arched eyebrow and off it went. I should have gone downstairs and watched it. Some skinny dude in denim was singing WAAAAAAAAAY off key and jumping around. My jaw dropped. I must watch it next week. I will shave Townsend's eyebrows off while he's sleeping.

Karoda said...

Its all about texture for me right now and this makes me not only want to see it up close but to touch it. Digging this!

gabrielle said...

This is a very beautiful the simplicity; yet the depth of texture pushes it into another level. Can you explain the meaning of the keyes?