Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Postcards for Ann

I donated two postcards to Virginia Spiegel's fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. My thanks to Virginia for this generous offering of her time, dedication and creative spirit! What a blessing. You can see them both here.

My friend Ann died after a long battle with cancer in December of 2003. I moved in October and enjoyed chatting with her on the phone a few times in her last months. We talked on the morning of the first snowfall in Maine. I remember telling her that it took my breath away with its quiet, exhilerating beauty. Each winter I suppose I will think of Ann when the first flakes fall.


Gerrie said...

I was probably about your age when I lost my closest friend to liver cancer. I had moved to California and she was still in Schenectady,New York. One of the best gifts either of us was ever given was the trip to spend a week with me that her husband gave her about 6 months before we lost her. I feel so fortunate to have survived as long as I have. The evil big C.

Sonji Hunt said...

A wonderful tribute to your friend, Deborah.