Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Frayed Edges Round Robin Books

The Frayed Edges had a super meeting last week. We had our first round of our book exchange. You remember seeing the artichoke and paint chips collages I made for Sarah's Aphrodisiac Foods book, right? Here are the other pages... stunning!

Sarah made this beautiful "From the Sea" the sea page for Kathy's book. She free motion quilted a poem around the swirl. "From the mountain top, / Across the seas of time blue, / the ammonite swirls. / It lands on a page / of thread, cloth, glass and friendship. / Growing stitch by stitch.

Kathy made this Nurturing Hands page for Kate's Hands book. Kathy and I are crazy about hand embroidery embellishments.

And Kate made these Peas for my Numbers book. The Green and The Purple! The gold accents, the three D, the subtle number stamps, the real-life green colors!

I have Kate's book now. So I have to come up with some Hand ideas before our next meeting on August 19... when we are taking a trip to the World Quilt Expo in Manchester, NH.

We also shared other great quilts and a lovely lunch. More on that later.


Lisa said...

The books are wonderful. I envy you having such a wonderful productive group! Any word on your husband's new job?

Val said...

Oh I love those peas! They are good enough to eat!

Gerrie said...

This is the great thing about a smaller group - making cool things for each other.

Sonji Hunt said...

These are just beautiful and such fun. I am jealous of everything today. I must go and make something.

Melody Johnson said...

I must make green and purple somethings today! Aren't those peas the bees knees?

Kim Carney said...

Those are lovely. I want to make something, if I could walk into my sewing room!

Frances said...

these pages are all wonderful and yours you posted earlier,

thank you for posting Debrorah I feel like I am getting double helpings your work and to see more of Sarah's work (like the page, stuff that isn't on her website)

like Lisa I wish I had a local group,