Sunday, July 24, 2005

Leaves, Lupines, Loons, Lunch

More pictures from our Frayed Edges meeting last week.

Kathy made these wonderful leaf studies with the silk she bought from Melody. Click for a larger view so you can see the awesome grid of tiny golden beads on the larger leaf.

Kathy also made this Lupine quilt which I adore. I am completely enamored of the Maine (and Vermont) lupines in June. She took actual flowers and laid them on the scanner with some of that blue Lonni Rossi fabric over the top. I love the variety of shapes, the repetition, the layout. Everything. And you can't even see the quilting. Kathy is a great quilter!

Sarah made this little gem for the Maine state quilt show special exhibit this year: LoonMaine-ia! We all just loved it. She designed each of these little motifs and is working toward a wonderful line of patterns with a regional flair. Isn't the kayak just charming?!

Of course, we had a fantastic lunch! Kathy brought Italian Chicken Salad. Sarah brought Mango and Pineapple salad with fresh ginger dressing. I bought croissants at the grocery store. And Kate brought Chocolate Toffee bars for dessert.


Lisa said...

Everything loooks so wonderful: the food, the quilts, everything! Glad you found such a wonderful group :-)

Gerrie said...

Oooh! The leaf studies are awesome as well as the other quilts. Deborah, my Steph, the blog princess, says you can go to your settings someplace and fix your comments so that they come up as a pop-up. That is all the info I can give you at the moment.

Deb R said...

Gorgeous quilts. Yummy food. Good friends. What more could a person ask for?

Melody Johnson said...

Isn't lunch with friends the best?
I love the yumminess of the food shot.
And I was surprised to see my fabric appearring on the top picture. Simply wonderful!

Sonji Hunt said...

Beautiful quilts. You are so lucky to have such a fun and talented group of friends that are so productive.

Elle said...

Love the quilts! And yum, that lunch looks really good!