Thursday, April 07, 2005


Did I tell you about Benjamin's obession with green? He did this all on his own -- picking out all the green m&ms and other candies from his Easter bounty. (While wearing his Halloween shirt!) Posted by Hello

I have to tell you that the self portrait is sucking the life out of me. It's not that I'm not pleased with it... I'm just missing any motivation to finish it up. And really, it's almost done. What's my problem? Man, it's so bright. I just want to dive into my brown drawer for a relief. If the "deadline" wasn't this Saturday, I would just put it away for awhile. So, here's what I have left to do.
  • Make 10 more inches of some kind of collage to complete the border which will go along the bottom, under the house.
  • Figure out how to "hang" the collages from the bottom since it needs some open space to balance out the open triangles at the top.
  • Submit to the idea I already have about hanging the collages even though it's going to require a trip to the hardward store and the fabric store and more work than I really want to do.
  • Go to the hardware store and the fabric store.
  • Hope Benjamin takes a couple of long naps and finish the quilt.
  • Reward myself with chocolate.

I'll keep you posted.


Debra said...

ah.... window screening? or wire?

Or that ball chain that we used to have on key chains? (maybe that was before your time...).

Cool projects. Finish it up and go eat some chocolate.

Lisa said...

I knnow what you mean about certain projects just sucking the life out of you. I like the way you have detailed all the things that you still need to do. Maybe if you made yourself small assignments with little rewards for completing each one you can finish it up without too much stress? That may sound little kid-ish, but it works for me! Think chocolate... :-)

Elle said...

You can do it!

And, your li'l cutiepie looks absolutely tickled with his selection!

Karoda said...

Deborah, he is adorable with his green stash.

Jen said...

Since your deadline is tomorrow (I'm reading and posting Friday), I have an idea what you will be doing today :)May all those wonderful ideas flow right through your hands into your creation without a hitch. Enjoy your chocolate! Jen