Thursday, March 03, 2005

What's going on in the "studio"

Frayed Edges (my small art quilt group) meets on Monday. Yippee!

We all purchased the Meech book recently and agreed to do Excersize #1 and share the results at our get-together. The assignment is to find a picture you like, isolate the meaty part of the picture, pick out the 8 to 10 colors from the picture, fill those colors into the bar on the worksheet in the porportions they appear in the picture, then fill in the grid in a smiliar manner. The next step could be to use fabric to weave or collage an additional layout, again exploring the color arrangement and porportions.

You can't see my picture too well. But there is a fuschia/purple bush poking out of one of the building at the horizen. For me, this picture is all about the purple bush and those five small arch cutouts on the side of the wall. I have to review and think carefully about what I really learned about lifting images and ideas. That sounded very heady... what I mean is... I'm not sure I like this. Now what? I did take those fabric that are stacked up in the picture and cut strips and wove them together. That was fun and I like the idea... not thrilled with the colors.

Excersize #1 from Contemporary Quilts by Sandra Meech

Here's a close up of the quilting I'm working on for the self portrait. I did just the top and the batting and I'm going to pillow case the back. This is an experiment in construction.

And here's the pieces together so far. I'm liking it. I had to go buy more thread to continue the quilting.

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Melody Johnson said...

This is looking really good. I like the tryptic quality a lot. I am eager to see how you end up attaching them to each other.