Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Third Pancake

I'm trying to post a bit more regularly and though I have nothing new to report (other than the brithday party got postponed after Benjamin threw up and spiked a bit of a fever), I thought I'd share the third pancake theory with you.

I read it somewhere. I'm not sure where. Maybe the "Do This" newsletter. (If you can attribute it more accurately, please let me know.)

Your best idea, the really great one that works on all levels, is like the third pancake. The first pancake (or first idea) is under done in the middle because you tried to cook it before the pan was hot enough. Then the second pancake gets burned because the pan was too hot from when you turned up the heat to try to rescue the first pancake. By the time you get around to the third pancake, you have found a bit patience and the right temperature and you achieve perfection. Now for some real maple syrup and a great cup of coffee...


Anonymous said...

Deborah,That's from the Quilting book you got me for my birthday! That Dorky Homemade Look by Lisa Boyer! :) Lucy

Radish said...

Carrying it further, Justice Anton Scalia once remarked that the first child is like the first pancake--if it comes out wrong, no worries, there's more on the way. Sub "idea" for "child" and it's a lot more true.