Tuesday, March 01, 2005

March First Snow Storm!?

All the neighborhood moms have been dreading the possibility... and it has come true. School has been cancelled today. This after last week's "school break." Claire says she's tired of our house. I'm tired of the lack of predictable schedule.

Weekend report:
  • Taco soup: Delish!
  • Errands on Saturday: very productive, but a bit pricey
  • Silly Chicken: delish, except for the portions that Benjamin spilled apple juice over
  • Watching the end of "First Daughter:" thumbs down
  • Preparations for the Frayed Edges show: on hold (more on that later)
  • Panera: Delish!
  • Seedy British Gentlemen (aka Portland Women's Art Group): fun, relaxed, a bit low key, a bit cynical, a bit funny, finished the first excercise in the Sandra Meech book and did some beading on the anniversary quilt
  • The Oscars: predictable, but mostly enjoyable
  • Progress on the self protrait: B+

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