Friday, February 25, 2005

Weekend Plans

School Vacation is almost over. Yippee!! I'm already looking forward to (and by "looking forward to" I mean, dreading) the next week long vacation in April.

Actually, it was fine. But, on to the weekend...

Friday Night

  • Eat taco soup that Claire and I made.
  • Work on the self portrait if I can drag my ass off the couch. (The last two nights have been filled with West Wing, Alias, Project Runway, Survivor and The Apprentice.) I'm a tv whore.


  • Watch the recorded episode of The Avatar: The Last Airbender with Jeff and the kids.
  • Work on the invitations for the "meet the artists" night at our Frayed Edges quilt show.
  • Go back to the grocery store and pick up the items that were not on the list for the major trip we made on Thursday.
  • Go to Portland to go to the party store to buy stuff for B's party, also Toys R Us to buy B some birthday presents, maybe find something that I can't live with out at Michael's and eat Silly Chicken at the Food Court in the mall. (This is what my kids call teriyaki chicken from the Japanese place. It's in "silly" shapes.)
  • Make cup cakes for our little family birthday party to be held at Chuck E Cheese on Sunday.


  • Stop by Panera for a Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich to eat at the ...
  • Get together with the Seedy British Gentlemen. This is the new name for the Portland Women's Artists' Group. It's a long story. I'll be working on some hand work for the self portrait. Others will be making shrines.
  • Meet Jeff and the kids at Chuck E Cheese for pizza and cupcakes.
  • Take Jeff to the airport.
  • Try to get the kids in bed before the red carpet kicks off.
  • "Watch" the Oscars while also working on the self portrait and maybe some new small pieces for the Frayed Edges show.


Melody Johnson said...
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Melody Johnson said...

Seedy British Gentlemen?? Do tell us the whole story Deb.