Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Keeping Up With Sonji

Have you been reading Sonji's blog? Wow, so many faboo pix, funny stories, interesting thoughts and general brilliance. And she posts a lot! More than once a day even. (And still making art too.)

Of course, she is my FRIEND. We connected through a yahoo group set up by Alma Stoller who recently began publishing The FAZ (Fabric Arts Zine). It's a great self-published, creative, edgy "zine," and the yahoo group is full of artsy types who ask interesting questions and have interesting answers. There are tons of challenges and swaps, many of which I participated in (but have since taken a break from since they take a lot of time and keep me from making my own stuff).

But... I was lucky enough to get several pieces of Sonji's handpainted fabric in those swaps and I emailed her personally to gush about how wonderful they were and we've been emailing ever since. We encourage each other's art, talk about how great our husbands are and hash out the general goings-on of our life. (Which are hardly "general" considering what talented and brilliant women we are!)

You can see some of Sonji's fabric that I turned into a totebag here.

Sonji suggested I should write about my goal of becoming a better curator. Alyson Stanfield's recent newsletter talked a lot about curating and it was really interesting. As I'm building a body of work, I could definetely keep better track. So, my plan is to make a simple Excel template to list all my work.

I want to include title, size, price, date of completion, where it has been shown, awards, publication, info about when it was sold, etc.

What else should I include in this document? I also posted to the quiltart list asking if anyone had already invented such an document. I haven't heard anything yet, but I'll keep you posted.

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Sonji Hunt said...

Oh, my giant head has exploded with all the praise. I love having mutual admiration societies! So, Deborah, you should also have an area on your document for materials/techniques and maybe a photo. Plus, what do you think about having a contract that gives you access to some pieces or photo rights? I've been hashing all this over too. What if someone purchases a very expensive and photogenic piece. You may want to retain image rights. Also, borrowing abilities for that MAJOR RETROSPECTIVE you will have of your work. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. There is simply too much to think about. Sonji