Tuesday, March 22, 2005

All That Talk About Little Dog Reminds Me Of...

Our beloved Isaac Posted by Hello

He certainly wasn't little, but he was a great dog. Worthy of having a coffee shop named after him. Or maybe a quilt studio. Here he is with Claire and Grma and Grpa roasting marshmellows. He passed away in January of 2004 -- a sad sad day.

And since I think almost all posts should have pictures to accompany them, here he is.


Sonji Hunt said...

He looks so sweet. This is very sad and my eyes are filling with tears. Yes, it would be lovely to name some endeavor of yours after him. Sonji

Debra said...

I love your dog.

He looks like my Katy! She loves to go to the coffeeshop in town. We sit outside and people watch, sip coffee (me) and eat peanutbutter cookies (me, and both dogs).

I'm nostalgic, as 8 years ago today I had to put a 4 month puppy to sleep.