Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Celebrations

Happy Easter.

We had a wonderful day -- and actually a good weekend over all.

I think this may be the first Easter in more than 30 years that I didn't go to church. And that's only because the last Sunday of the month is my day to volunteer to help out in the nursery. So, I spent my church time with 19 little ones all dressed in Easter best. Including one boy with a ridiculous puffy shirt, peter pan collar and little short trousers that the shirt buttoned into. That is so not my style. Our son wore a rugby shirt in bright springy colors and cargo pants.

I am a rare breed of cradle Episcopalian. My dad is an Episcopal priest which makes me a PK -- preacher's kid. Some PKs stray. I never did. Even in college I went to church very regularly and I find great spiritual growth in being a member of a church community. My husband and I met through the church and that identity is definitely a part of our family foundation. All of these are my most treasured blessings.

Anyway, Alleluia The Lord Is Risen!

And a little bit of Allelu, Allelu, Allelu, Alleluia -- Praise Ye The Lord. Squat down on the "Allelus" and jump up on the "Praises!" Anyone else remember that from church camp?

We had friends over for dinner. It was fun, slightly chaotic evening -- as is always the case when you mix young kids into the event.

Baby quiches for appetizer (from the frozen food section)
Chicken Caprese (mozzarella and pesto wrapped in chicken breast with chopped tomatoes on top)
Roasted Potatoes
Bag salad (not really needed, we should have skipped it)
And Carrot Cake

Actually we haven't had any carrot cake yet. Our guests left a bit early. They have a daughter who is 16 months and the line between delightful and disaster when it gets close to bed time is quite sensitive. We sent them home with a big piece. And actually, I'd prefer to have dessert a bit later after dinner has settled and the kid's are in bed anyway.

Yesterday I made dilly bread. That was the biggest success in the kitchen if you ask me. I've mentioned dilly bread before. I think Melody even requested the recipe. I'll post it soon.


Anonymous said...

Easter sounded wonderful! So, the carrot cake must have turned out and delicious! How about some pictures in your Easter finery?

And, as Claire told me on the phone - Alleluia Alleluia, The Lord is Risen Indeed, Alleluia!

Sonji Hunt said...

Deborah, it sounds like you had a very satisfying day! Your kids look so cute dyeing their eggs. Why didn't you just get your own crate? Oh,'s about the children, not you. Oops. You could still dye some this week. Not the same?

Your carrot cake looks incredibly yummy with all that sour cream frosting in between the layers (I'm guessing that's what it is). MMMMMMM, I can taste it now.