Monday, January 24, 2005


This is a small piece. It's about 35x6. (Yes, I'll enter it in the quiltart Straight and Narrow challenge.) I'm pretty pleased with it. I learned quite a few things in the process -- both things not to do again and ideas to pursue in the future. (Maybe I'll write more about those sometime.)

Garrowby's Hearth

I have been wanting to make a small piece to hang in that space between the top of the fire place and the bottom of the mantel. And then the Straight and Narrow challenge came up and another challenge was set up through the Yahoo group for The Fabric Arts Zine. That challenge is called "Lost in Translation" and involved interpreting a favorite piece of art.

Hanging in our living room

So, since we have a print of David Hockney's Garrowby's Hill above our mantel, I thought it would be fun to make a companion piece. I have long thought the Garrowby's Hill would make an interesting quilt. It was fun to finally have the inspiration and application to do it.

Garrowby's Hill by David Hockney

I was also inspired by Connie the Cow, a wonderful pre-school animated show on noggin. The animation is beautiful. There are always wonderfully colorful whimsical trees along the horizon.

Connie the Cow on Noggin Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb:

Your piece below the mantle is beautiful and complements the picture from the artist above. Thanks for sharing. Great work!!


Deborah Boschert said...

Thank you so much Junott. It was an interesting
challenge to do a companion piece. It was so excellent
to read your post today too -- about beginning your
new project. I'm wishing you great creative spirit!

Claire said...

I like it!! I wish I hadn't restricted myself to black and white now LOL

It really does work well with the work above the mantle piece