Monday, January 31, 2005

Things I Loved About The Lion King

We went to see The Lion King in Boston on Saturday. Here are some thoughts in the form of a list...

Things I Loved About The Lion King

My very thoughtful and generous husband who gave me the tickets for my birthday. He always knows exactly what fuels my creative spirit... and what a fun event it would be for him and me and Claire.

Erin, our wonderful baby sitter, who spent the day with Benjamin.

Incredible costumes that let the audience "fill in the blanks" to imagine lions, cheetahs, hyenas, grass, flowers, trees. Yes, there was a whole scene with the chorus dressed as grass -- actually two scenes: one with grassy savanah swaying as Mufasa and Simba frolic and another when Simba is complaining about it being "too green" in the jungle with Timon and Pumbaa. (The grass didn't much appreciate that comment.

African music!

Interesting sub-plots not in the movie. (Like Scar wanting Nala for his own. Ewww.)

New songs not in the movie. Especially "they live in you..."

Zasu -- Mufasa's bird helper. He was my favorite character. What a pleasure to be able to watch both an incredible puppet and an expressive actor all in one! And how can you go wrong with pointy toed orange spats? (I've scanned a picture of him. I'll include it in another post because it's too much work to try to work the photos in with the text.)

Pumba's giagantic tongue.

Hot dancer bodies.

Contraptions with wheels, stilts, peddles and all manor of mechanics to create the animal kingdom.

Taking time to appreciate every bit of the design -- costumes, lighting, set, sound, music, voice, dance... truly an amazing collaboration of ARTISTS!

Dinner (and dessert) at Carrabba's on the way home and reasonable weather!

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