Saturday, December 11, 2004

My First Post (an uninspired title)

Well... we'll see how this goes.
I've been spending entirely too much time reading yahoogroups, other blogs and endless quiltart digests. So, I thought I'd start my own in hopes of being more proactive and less "zombie zone computer head." Melody Johnson, one of my favorite quilt artists, recently started a blog and it really fun to read, so I'm diving in. Now, as I get more proficient, obviously I would make that bit about Melody a link to her own blog. Ah, one thing at a time. And I'll be posting pictures too. (?)
I am so disappointed that the Art Quilts Maine meeting was cancelled today. Hellooooo... the weather isn't that bad. And I had a sitter all lined up and I was ready to completely blow the entire monthly babysitting budget on it. And I had my show and tell ready, handmade Christmas ornament ready for exchange, delicious Chicken Artichoke Tarts ready for the pot luck lunch. Bummer. (Again, this would be a good place for a picture of the show and tell item, the ornament and a link to the recipe. Check back for that later.)
But, Lisa and Ali came over to play instead and that was super fun. She brought me a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks! It was as if a choir of angels walked in the door with her when I saw it. Delicious! And in such a pretty red cup with snowflakes. And guess what we had for lunch? Chicken Artichoke Tarts.
Ok, I'm off to explore a little more about blogging. Take some pictures to post later and maybe work on the winter quilt.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending the link... I enjoyed the pictures and the blog... too bad we didn't have this when I out on det. j