Saturday, December 11, 2004

I figured out how to post pictures... kinda

Attic Window fiber collage, submitted to Somerset Studio for their issue with the theme "portals." Posted by Hello

So, here is my first picture. I wish this text was about the photo rather than below. Oh well. This is a 12 x 6 inch fiber collage I made last week. I submitted it to Somerset Studio for their May/June 2005 issue for which the theme is "portals." I am pretty pleased with the results. I like this fiber collage style that I've explored lately. The binding is pretty sucky. I just zig zagged the edges, which is ok for the casual feel of the piece. But it distorts a bit and the corners are a bitch. Someone at the local quilt guild mentioned doing slightly rounded corners if you plan to zig zag the edges, then you just ease around the corner rather an try to make an angle. Brilliant. You will see that on my next piece. I don't necessarily expect it to be published. But SS has recently changed their sub title to include "mixed media" so that definetely includes fiber and I think if they want to publish quilts, I will have a better chance since I suspect they get tons of paper art with rubber stamping and other such techniques, but probably not so much quilting. We'll see. I put the quilt together in a bit of a rush. I really wanted to say I had submitted a piece. But I don't know that it is truly my best work. I could have spent more time on it and presented it in a more creative professional way -- I mean as far as the packaging and everything. Next time.

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