Monday, October 07, 2013

Blog Renew: 22

I'm working on something completely new and it's so fun!

My kids take taekwondo at an awesome local studio. This year they are having a "board break-a-thon" fundraiser to support some local charities. The amount of money each student raises gives them an opportunity to break a certain number of boards. (They love to break boards!) In fact, here are some great shots from the 2010 board-break-a-thon.

An additional component this year is an art auction of sorts. Mr. Anderson, the tkd studio owner, has asked several local artists to paint boards. The boards will be displayed at the event and anyone can bid on the boards -- and then break them! 

Here is my board in progress.

I started by painting the board white, then sketching a mandala/flower/doodle and then outlining it with Sharpie.

It's nice to work with paint and markers... especially since my sewing machine is still in the shop.


Robin W. said...

That's very cool! I hope someone buys it... but DOESN'T break it!

Tracy said...

Very cool, Deb! Something different is always fun!

Lisa Chin said...

I love these kind of drawings. Will you be painting it? So sad that it will be broken!

Unknown said...

Deborah.... hi! I signed up and paid for your collage class, got on the site but it won't move or do anything, then disappeared as did the invite. How do I get another one? Thanks Geneen