Thursday, January 05, 2012

STITCHED is up and running!

The amazing  STITCHED online video workshop collection opened on January 1! It's so fun to see students perusing the workshops, commenting and sharing photos of their projects.

I've been checking in with the folks who have joined my workshop. Here's a fun quote from a student who is from Slovenia, I believe. (How fun is that? Totally international! Another amazing benefit of online communication.)

Right now I even don’t know where to start I am so exited I am. I need to try all stuff here and place this in my hand and just play, and play and play some more.

My friend Kate joined too. She says...

I’m so glad you got me in to this overwhelming craft-o-rama. I’m giving myself 24 more hours to make a plan then I’m diving in.

Did I mention there are give-aways every month? This month is a cute little Janome sewing machine. Doesn't Alma look so happy to give it away!?


In one of my workshop videos, I show lots of options for freezer paper stencils like this one.


 Can you see it incorporated in the finished project?

Anyway, come join STITCHED so you can get in on the fun, explore the "craft-o-rama," win a sewing machine, create a freezer paper stencil and play and play and play!

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Vivien Zepf said...

I'm sure your students will have a wonderful and fulfilling time in your class.

BTW, I love the Xacto knife you have there; mine has a wobbly blade. Where did you get that one? That's a tool I could definitely use!