Friday, January 06, 2012

Listen to my Chat with Ricë!

I had a lovely time talking about art quilting with Ricë last week. She recorded me for her podcast and now you can listen in. Check it out here. Just imagine our big smiles as in this picture from the International Quilt Festival in 2008.
We talked mostly about the 12x12 International Art Quilt Challenge and about how our project is uniquely individual and yet collaborative.

Ricë is an excellent interviewer -- she makes it feel like a real conversation, because of course, it is! I know this because I have listened to nearly every single one of her podcasts. (I see there are 77 episodes at the moment.) If you are the podcast type, you should certainly subscribe on iTunes (or wherever you organize your podcast library). Just search "Notes from the Voodoo Lounge" or Ricë Freeman-Zachery. Her podcasts are easy to listen to, thought provoking, insightful, just-the-right-length-of-time, and inspiring!

I am thrilled to be included! I also did a Q&A with Ricë for CreateMixedMedia. You can check that out here.


Terry Grant said...

I really enjoyed your Podcast with Rice. You sounded very upbeat!

Vicki Miller said...

It was a great interview. I think we are learning the same things at tangled textiles, about what mediums we like to work in and what out work is about.