Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I've got some swap catch up do to. Lots of amazing wonderful mail over the past several weeks. I've been so focused on the daily art/meditation/study project that I haven't taken time to post about it. Until now...

Let's start with the Birds of Change Exchange. Creative Kismet hosted this wonderful swap in January to celebrate a season of change. We also discovered that she and I share the same birthday: January 20. A very special day this year.

These birds winged their way to my studio!

The blue bird on the plaid was made by Mervi Seppanen of Finland. The serene green paper bird was made by Ashee Malloch. Another wonderful paper creation by ArtJunkie. The paisley softie is by Taryn Verleye. And the embroidered guy is by GreetingArts.

Here is the version I sent off for the swap. (Just a few left in my Etsy shop.)
I'll have more swap catch up later in the week. Cheers!

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