Friday, April 10, 2009


Just a few pieces of fabric and a few design elements... and yet it was a struggle.

9 x 7" (#37)

This is an example of a piece on which I would love to add more surface design or embellishment. But, since the stated goal is to finish a piece each day, sometimes as I am in the studio working I feel the minutes ticking away and the hovering reality of other things that have to be done that day. So I have to compromise and edit. Again, these are probably good life skills.


Donna said...

nothing says that should it still call you later you couldn't go back and do more on a peice.... :-) I really like this one. the cross shape of the central unit is there but subtle, and the skelton nature of the leaves on that fabric is wonderfully evokative.

momma helen said...

I LOVE that you talk about what a struggle it was for you to do a piece entitled "Willing." That's very spiritual! At least I often struggle with being willing ( let go of control, be quiet, see the truth, etc)

Kristin L said...

This one has a Terry look to it. Like all of these "essays," there's a seed that will probably come back to inform a more resolved quilt later. :-)